We exist for training in Christian academics, life skills, and ministry skills for the objective of sending people globally to make disciples of all nations.


We are a school of the supernatural. We value an atmosphere of faith that creates an environment where the life and fruit of God's Spirit is evident. You will capture this value through practical, "hands-on" ministry experience; through seasoned teachers who impart their gifts, wisdom and passions; and through discipleship under qualified mentors.

Our goal is to raise up a kingdom people - a generation of men and women that will go throughout the world making disciples of the nations (Matthew 28:19). We accomplish this in three ways: 


- Identify - 

We help you know God and who God designed you to be.


- Activate - 

We invite you to be in a family to grow and activate your gifts.


- Equip - 

We give you teaching and resources to help you grow.