Hearing God

Yes, we can all hear God's voice. He is speaking, but are we listening? At Horizon College of Ministry we want to help you recognize the voice of God. We can learn to distinguish His voice from: our own voice, other people's voices, and the voice of Satan. As we walk together with God, we find complete peace, confidently knowing His direction and purpose for our lives.


Knowing Your Design

You are uniquely created by God with a specific design. We are here to help you understand that design and discover how you are created. Understanding your wiring changes the way you view yourself, relate to God, and to others. This understanding frees you to be who God designed you to be, releasing a sense of fulfillment and hope.


Bondage Breaking

Each of us have un-Biblical ways of thinking that become roadblocks to our destiny. Breaking through these roadblocks starts by identifying ungodly thought patterns, forgiving ourselves and renewing our minds. Often this requires the supernatural intervention of Holy Spirit to reveal to us the "what" and the "how" to come into the freedom Jesus purchased for us. Old things pass away, and all things become new.


Spirit of Sonship

God is moving us from servanthood to sonship. This is a big transition and changes the way we relate to God. He is no longer the "boss" or "taskmaster" but, instead, He is our "Father". We develop a relationship of walking together daily, enjoying our Father's friendship, and watching our authority increase as we take on His character. As a result, our discipleship takes on the character of being a son, and growing into complete maturity. This results in us becoming fathers ourselves to spiritual sons and daughters.